All Adventure, No Routine

Why are you reading this uninteresting bio? I promise the good stuff is over in the blog. But since you're really twisting my arm about it –

My motivations for exploring this great state have evolved over time, but one thing has remained consistent - my love for it.

I won't ever pretend to be an expert hiker; I'm certainly not a photographer either. To put it simply, I'm someone who just enjoys going on a good adventure and happens to be haphazardly documenting my experiences along the way.

So, that's my motivation. My goal for this blog is to show the many sides of Arizona that some do not see. It's far from just a brown, boring desert landscape.

I'll tell it frankly - I have an extreme bias for our hidden gem destinations and very little interest for the frequented metro area hikes. You won't find a post about South Mountain versus Piestewa Peak. Instead, I hope you look at my photos and rather than hiking Thunderbird for your third time this week, you decide to take a little drive and experience something new. If I can get you to do that, I've accomplished my intended goal.

– Candace.46